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Letting Go

Autumn sings her hymns of letting go.
Let it go, the leaves whisper
as they transform and release
effortlessly into the ground.
Let it go, shout the voices from my past.
Let it go, begs my karmic path.

And there were times when I let go,
instead of speaking for my truth.
There were times letting go trapped
me in a cycle of complacency.
Rather than fight for what I wanted
or how I felt,
I let it go.
When I asserted boundaries and they
backfired, I surrendered.
I let go of my ego.
I let go of my voice.
I let go of my worth.

And now I know that harmony
doesn’t mean surrender.
It doesn’t mean settling, enduring.
It doesn’t compromise or accept
duty over love.
I know that wanting something happens
for a reason. To teach me
that I’m worthy enough to receive it.
And when doubt stands in the way,
tries to convince me that I’m better off,
or that I should give up,
I let doubt go.

Reflections on Libra Season

Happy Equinox, Mabon, and first day of Libra season! I love this time of the year (almost) as much as the Summer Solstice window. On the surface, there is much to be appreciated. Beautiful fall colors, plenty of food to be harvested, idyllic temperatures, and the excitement of upcoming holidays. Yet underneath that beauty and bounty there is deep transformative energy. Nature begins her retreat, displaying all that she worked hard to produce. And energetically, we also prepare for hibernation, honoring what we’ve accomplished and letting go of the things that didn’t fit.

The other night as I was falling asleep, I suddenly shot out of bed to write the following words:

“The things you desire are as beautiful and perilous as autumn leaves.

“Look away and all that you love becomes vibrant without you.

“The last of your opportunities fading with the waning sun.”

I will write a longer post about the meaning behind those words eventually, but the big message is *don’t look away.* If there’s something you want, make it a priority before the opportunity passes. It can be so easy to find distractions and excuses, but life is short and we have no idea how long we have. It’s like autumn in New England. It may last three months, it may last three days. But however long it lasts, beauty is there if we open our eyes and hearts to see it. The balance of Libra isn’t about compromising to accommodate the status quo. It’s about learning how to create harmony with all of the things we love and desire — a magical dance of temperance and pleasure. A Tantric dance, if you will. 😉

Because why else are we here, if not to have these transformational experiences of life?

Go for it.