Reiki is a Japanese practice for reducing stress and promoting relaxation and healing. Reiki treatments help to balance energy of the seven chakras and heal the body on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Reiki is a treatment where the practitioner channels Universal Life Energy to the recipient by "laying on hands." A treatment can feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that fills and surrounds the body. 

During a session, the recipient is fully clothed and can rest in any comfortable position. One-hour sessions include the use of a heated massage table, and shorter sessions can be held utilizing restorative yoga poses to enhance the feeling of relaxation. As the practitioner, I am simply a straw channeling life force energy into the recipient by the placement of hands. I am not absorbing your energy, and you are not absorbing mine. You have the option of enhancing sessions with music, singing bowls, crystals, and/or essential oils. 


Crystal Healing


Crystal healing uses the perfect atomic structure and energetic frequency of crystals and gemstones to promote physical and energetic healing. Every crystal has its own specific vibration based on its molecular blueprint. When you introduce a crystal into your personal energy field, your body will respond by shifting its frequency to match that of the crystal.

Crystal healing sessions can support a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. They are often conducted by laying crystals or gemstones on or around the physical and energetic body in a specific layout. There are other crystal tools that may be used to repair or clear the aura, direct specific healing energy, or scan the recipient's energy. Reiki healing modalities are also typically incorporated into a session. The recipient is fully clothed, and each healing session is gentle and customized for the individual's needs and sensitivities. 



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Healing sessions are held at Central Mass Yoga & Wellness in West Boylston, Massachusetts. I schedule appointments during days, evenings, and weekends.