Types of Readings


One-card Tarot or Oracle

A one-card pull can provide a quick reading to help guide important and burning questions.

Three-card Spread

A three-card spread provides an overview of your current situation, potential resolutions or decisions, and a final outcome.

Metatron Spread

The Metatron spread provides specific guidance to help you connect to your spiritual gifts and develop a deeper relationship with your higher self and guides. This spread utilizes 7 activating cards, and was developed by the Starchild Tarot.

Shadow Spread

This Moonchild Tarot spread offers deep insight into blocked energies that need to be addressed and released. This spread utilizes 7 cards of profound inquiry.

Lunar Spread

The Moonchild Tarot Lunar Spread explores feelings and emotions, and how they help us activate and nourish body and soul. This is a great spread to draw during the full or new moon and utilizes 6 cards.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread provides a detailed and comprehensive reading that summarizes your current situation, potential obstacles or barriers, past influences, current influences, your hopes or fears, and short- and long-term outcomes. My unique spread utilizes 11 cards to explore the subtle layers.

Year in Review Spread

This New Year Biddy Tarot spread is my favorite for offering important inquiry and insight into the year ahead. It reviews the previous year, lessons learned, aspirations for the year ahead, gifts and obstacles you may encounter, career, health, relationships, goals, upcoming lessons, and the overall energy. This spread utilizes 12 cards. I highly recommend purchasing this one as a written reading to review throughout the year.

Chakra Spread

How can you best activate your energy centers? This wonderful Biddy Tarot spread provides beautiful insight into your personal energy and how you express yourself to the world. This spread utilizes 7 cards for each chakra.


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