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Chiron in Aries: Healing the Self

As I’m writing this, the planetoid Chiron is in the last critical degree (29th degree) of Pisces where it traveled for eight years. Chiron may be considered a minor planet in astronomy terms, but from the astrological perspective, Chiron is highly significant, and every transit and aspect brings incredible shifts. If you feel like you’ve been going through a purging of emotions/energies or have suddenly awoken to new perspectives and/or developments — you’re not alone.

Chiron is termed the “wounded healer” in alignment with its legendary mythos. It was first discovered in 1977 during a period of intense collective healing and cultural acceleration. When Chiron travels through a sign, it surfaces hidden wounds and stimulates healing of those wounds in powerful ways. The past eight years of Chiron in Pisces reframed our relationship with Source, the ways in which we are globally connected, the rose-colored glasses some of us wear (and others remove), new methods of escapism, and our ability to connect energetically and explore unseen realms. As an example, the use of mind-altering substances and plant medicines reached new heights. And — while it’s not something I have any experience in — plants such as ayahuasca or cannabis have become much more prevalent as a resource for healing. The surge of global connection through social media and online learning offered new opportunities for exploration and self-healing, while also opening up an interesting conversation around electronic addiction and escapism (some of the wounds of Pisces). Collective healing was the primary energy of Chiron in Pisces, and now that shift focuses on the self.

Aries is all about the self, the ego, and personal identity. It corresponds with the first house of the natal chart and the newborn age, in which the identity is moldable, fluid, and begins to take shape based on genetics, karma, and external influences. It is the beginning of the natal wheel, so the transit into Aries TOMORROW (Feb. 18, 2019) represents a new karmic cycle of healing. Aries is a fire starter and a trailblazer. It is a highly masculine sign, and those with Aries influence tend to be leaders with a strong presence and ability to inspire others. I expect Chiron in Aries (where it will be until 2027!) will bring some much needed healing to the masculine and ego, and shed light on areas where these energies have been out of balance.

There is a notion that because the masculine has gone through a period of imbalance, that somehow the energy is negative or needs to convert to a feminine energy, or that somehow feminine energy needs to be more masculine and dominant in order to retain balance. In my opinion, perfect balance is achieved when both energies rediscover their true essence and exist in respect and harmony. I don’t think it’s helpful to project negativity on either side — rather it’s time to shed a positive light on aspects of both polarities: masculine and feminine, yin and yang, light and shadow, etc. That is how healing begins to truly take place. And it’s all beautiful.

I also believe our existence is about to go through an identity crisis of sorts. This is beginning to happen as awareness increases and we become more curious about who and what we are, where we come from, and the basis of existential reality. There could be big decisions on the horizon, such as: How much influence do we give technology over our everyday lives? How do we reclaim our personal power? How can we best use our gifts to benefit society? How can we embrace our authentic nature? How can we become more connected to what is real and tangible? Those who are more aligned to leadership roles will likely have to step up and accelerate their path quickly. It will feel like things are moving fast, and opportunities and connections will seem to appear out of thin air.

This is a good time to release any negative influences/patterns and surge forward with confidence and strength. I can already feel the changes begin to percolate both personally and collectively. It has been a difficult few months for many people, but it’s helping us prepare for this new shift and cycle of healing. The journey of self-exploration and discovery is here — and it’s going to be a powerful time.

Uranus in Taurus: Shaking the foundation
Photo by Gregory Garrison

Photo by Gregory Garrison

Uranus is the great awakener, rebel, and revolutionary. He brings change, destruction, shake-ups, and new perspective wherever he goes. Last month in May, he transited from Aries into the sign of Taurus, where he will live for about 7 years. Because Uranus is such a faraway planet, the transits are slow and each one affects our solar collective on radical levels. 

While Uranus was in Aries, we experienced massive upheaval in all areas related to war, conflict, violence, personal identity, and even childbirth. That's because Aries is the warrior, and he's also the newborn. Aries topics mainly revolve around a sense of self, and taking immediate (cardinal) fiery action when necessary. During these past seven years, masks were ripped off of silent prejudice. Religious fundamentalism of all kinds created violence and conflict around the globe. People took stands and fought for what they believed in, creating the emergence of new conflicts and a war of ideas. Our concept of what leadership means and what it's actually providing completely changed. Topics around identity became prominent in media and conversation. Approaches to childbirth also changed, with scientific advancements in genetic testing and manipulation. Fertility rates are on a big decline. 

Some of these changes were positive and eye-opening. Some were brutal and destructive. It's impossible to know how Uranus energy will affect us because it is always a surprise. However, when it went into Taurus, the sign ruled by earth, we immediately saw a stereotypical representation of earth shake-ups. The erupting volcano in Hawaii got the most media attention, but there was also a "glacial lake outburst flood" in Switzerland, a dam collapse in Columbia, the eruption of Fuego in Guatemala, flash floods in U.S. midlands, dust storms in India, and more...

Taurus also rules finances, property, food, personal belongings, and worth. I expect to see more news and changes around currency, especially with cryptocurrency on the rise. Our traditional understanding of money and how we obtain resources may completely change. I also think we'll see a massive unmasking of what we are eating and putting into our bodies. It has already begun, with the rise of non-GMO and organic options, but I expect this is just the beginning. 

What is starting to dominate the 2018 collective already is a change of perspective around what it means to earn a living and acclimate to societal norms. People are getting bored and unhappy in the standard concept of a workweek and the subtle ways in which we are wrapped up in earning money. Individually, there could be career shakeups or changes that help to set people on the right path. Collectively, we may completely restructure the modern ideas of what it means to live and work. 

The different ways in which Uranus in Taurus could manifest are all conjecture. A revolution of personal farming? A new relationship with the outdoors? An overhaul of the banking system? Unmasking the food industry? New currencies? More natural disasters? New perspectives on housing and community? Less dependency on employers? All of these things could happen, but how? We can never really know. Uranus doesn't give hints, and his actions can't be planned. Hang on to your seat and prepare for radical change. 

Jupiter's transit through Scorpio: Secrets revealed

These are interesting times we're in. Just about every day there is some new revelation related to sexual misconduct in the news. And here's the thing. I don't make a point of following the news, I'm hearing it second-hand. So for all I know, this is more ingrained, more prevalent than what is within my awareness. And yet, it is enough in my awareness that I'm blogging about it.

Jupiter is a large, powerful, and slow-moving planet that transits through a sign for a long period of time (usually a year). Because of this, Jupiter transits are highly impactful for the collective consciousness. Anytime Jupiter transitions from one sign to another, we feel it in a huge way. It also retrogrades frequently and for long periods of time, which means it can move quickly, and then stay lingering in an area for a while.

What Jupiter brings us is an expansion of whatever it touches. Jupiter is benefic in the sense that it creates and provides, but it can manifest as excess. People with strong Jupiter or Sagittarius in their natal chart have to be careful about having too much of a good thing. Before October of this year (2017), Jupiter was having a grand time in the harmonious and relationship-oriented sign of Libra, providing all of us with an expansion of what it means to be in relationship, part of a community -- and on the shadow side, what it means to see others as a mirror of our own shortfalls. Libra is also very idealogical and politically minded, so there was a lot of exploration around segregation and debate of ideology, morals, and groups. Yes, Libra wants everyone to just get along, but who's the judge? Too much Libra (as you may have noticed) can turn into a constant debate of who's right and who's wrong. 

Now Jupiter is working its way through Scorpio, and it wasn't something I was necessarily looking forward to, but it's manifesting in an interesting way. Scorpio can be a difficult sign. It deals with sex, power, money, and the shadow. Where Libra (as idealogical as he may be) is willing to conjecture and debate on just about any topic, Scorpio isn't really interested in debate. Scorpio is certain about their perspective. But Scorpio is also very secretive, and with a benefic planet transiting through a difficult sign, those secrets are being unmasked in powerful ways. And it's not surprising that it all revolves around sex, power, money, and the shadow.

Almost immediately after Jupiter entered Scorpio, the news about Harvey Weinstein was revealed and the #metoo movement began. And it's been a constant stream of revelations since. Jupiter will be in Scorpio for another year, so it's not going to end anytime soon. I expect we'll see more unmasking. I expect an exploration of how power is created, maintained, and inherited. I expect to see the dark closets of some of the most powerful people. I expect we will discover why and how we have so easily surrendered our power to the other rather than ourselves. 

This past year with Jupiter in Libra, we learned what it means to be united and yet divided, the dangers of complacency, the mirror of our own shadow, and the possibilities of connection and collective energy. Now, in Scorpio, Jupiter will show us that centralized power is only created by our willingness to surrender our own power. That we can claim it back for ourselves. That we can speak our truth without repercussion. That most of what we believe to be real and true is a smokescreen. That we can create our own reality, our own rules.

Personally, I am looking forward to secrets being revealed from the shadow. I am interested in what is real. I have discovered interesting revelations of my own from people that I know and trust. The true natures of individuals are also being revealed, and it's not always easy medicine, but it's important. Be willing and open to find and discover truth, and you'll discover how profound and meaningful this cycle can be.