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Uranus in Taurus: Shaking the foundation
Photo by Gregory Garrison

Photo by Gregory Garrison

Uranus is the great awakener, rebel, and revolutionary. He brings change, destruction, shake-ups, and new perspective wherever he goes. Last month in May, he transited from Aries into the sign of Taurus, where he will live for about 7 years. Because Uranus is such a faraway planet, the transits are slow and each one affects our solar collective on radical levels. 

While Uranus was in Aries, we experienced massive upheaval in all areas related to war, conflict, violence, personal identity, and even childbirth. That's because Aries is the warrior, and he's also the newborn. Aries topics mainly revolve around a sense of self, and taking immediate (cardinal) fiery action when necessary. During these past seven years, masks were ripped off of silent prejudice. Religious fundamentalism of all kinds created violence and conflict around the globe. People took stands and fought for what they believed in, creating the emergence of new conflicts and a war of ideas. Our concept of what leadership means and what it's actually providing completely changed. Topics around identity became prominent in media and conversation. Approaches to childbirth also changed, with scientific advancements in genetic testing and manipulation. Fertility rates are on a big decline. 

Some of these changes were positive and eye-opening. Some were brutal and destructive. It's impossible to know how Uranus energy will affect us because it is always a surprise. However, when it went into Taurus, the sign ruled by earth, we immediately saw a stereotypical representation of earth shake-ups. The erupting volcano in Hawaii got the most media attention, but there was also a "glacial lake outburst flood" in Switzerland, a dam collapse in Columbia, the eruption of Fuego in Guatemala, flash floods in U.S. midlands, dust storms in India, and more...

Taurus also rules finances, property, food, personal belongings, and worth. I expect to see more news and changes around currency, especially with cryptocurrency on the rise. Our traditional understanding of money and how we obtain resources may completely change. I also think we'll see a massive unmasking of what we are eating and putting into our bodies. It has already begun, with the rise of non-GMO and organic options, but I expect this is just the beginning. 

What is starting to dominate the 2018 collective already is a change of perspective around what it means to earn a living and acclimate to societal norms. People are getting bored and unhappy in the standard concept of a workweek and the subtle ways in which we are wrapped up in earning money. Individually, there could be career shakeups or changes that help to set people on the right path. Collectively, we may completely restructure the modern ideas of what it means to live and work. 

The different ways in which Uranus in Taurus could manifest are all conjecture. A revolution of personal farming? A new relationship with the outdoors? An overhaul of the banking system? Unmasking the food industry? New currencies? More natural disasters? New perspectives on housing and community? Less dependency on employers? All of these things could happen, but how? We can never really know. Uranus doesn't give hints, and his actions can't be planned. Hang on to your seat and prepare for radical change.