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Chiron in Aries: Healing the Self

As I’m writing this, the planetoid Chiron is in the last critical degree (29th degree) of Pisces where it traveled for eight years. Chiron may be considered a minor planet in astronomy terms, but from the astrological perspective, Chiron is highly significant, and every transit and aspect brings incredible shifts. If you feel like you’ve been going through a purging of emotions/energies or have suddenly awoken to new perspectives and/or developments — you’re not alone.

Chiron is termed the “wounded healer” in alignment with its legendary mythos. It was first discovered in 1977 during a period of intense collective healing and cultural acceleration. When Chiron travels through a sign, it surfaces hidden wounds and stimulates healing of those wounds in powerful ways. The past eight years of Chiron in Pisces reframed our relationship with Source, the ways in which we are globally connected, the rose-colored glasses some of us wear (and others remove), new methods of escapism, and our ability to connect energetically and explore unseen realms. As an example, the use of mind-altering substances and plant medicines reached new heights. And — while it’s not something I have any experience in — plants such as ayahuasca or cannabis have become much more prevalent as a resource for healing. The surge of global connection through social media and online learning offered new opportunities for exploration and self-healing, while also opening up an interesting conversation around electronic addiction and escapism (some of the wounds of Pisces). Collective healing was the primary energy of Chiron in Pisces, and now that shift focuses on the self.

Aries is all about the self, the ego, and personal identity. It corresponds with the first house of the natal chart and the newborn age, in which the identity is moldable, fluid, and begins to take shape based on genetics, karma, and external influences. It is the beginning of the natal wheel, so the transit into Aries TOMORROW (Feb. 18, 2019) represents a new karmic cycle of healing. Aries is a fire starter and a trailblazer. It is a highly masculine sign, and those with Aries influence tend to be leaders with a strong presence and ability to inspire others. I expect Chiron in Aries (where it will be until 2027!) will bring some much needed healing to the masculine and ego, and shed light on areas where these energies have been out of balance.

There is a notion that because the masculine has gone through a period of imbalance, that somehow the energy is negative or needs to convert to a feminine energy, or that somehow feminine energy needs to be more masculine and dominant in order to retain balance. In my opinion, perfect balance is achieved when both energies rediscover their true essence and exist in respect and harmony. I don’t think it’s helpful to project negativity on either side — rather it’s time to shed a positive light on aspects of both polarities: masculine and feminine, yin and yang, light and shadow, etc. That is how healing begins to truly take place. And it’s all beautiful.

I also believe our existence is about to go through an identity crisis of sorts. This is beginning to happen as awareness increases and we become more curious about who and what we are, where we come from, and the basis of existential reality. There could be big decisions on the horizon, such as: How much influence do we give technology over our everyday lives? How do we reclaim our personal power? How can we best use our gifts to benefit society? How can we embrace our authentic nature? How can we become more connected to what is real and tangible? Those who are more aligned to leadership roles will likely have to step up and accelerate their path quickly. It will feel like things are moving fast, and opportunities and connections will seem to appear out of thin air.

This is a good time to release any negative influences/patterns and surge forward with confidence and strength. I can already feel the changes begin to percolate both personally and collectively. It has been a difficult few months for many people, but it’s helping us prepare for this new shift and cycle of healing. The journey of self-exploration and discovery is here — and it’s going to be a powerful time.