Pave the way through devotion


You have the ability and power to determine how and where energy is utilized. You have the ability to expand and magnetize abundance. And you can decide whether you choose to be controlled or whether you choose to be free. Devotion is a choice. So where is your devotion? What are you doing consistently that creates the circumstances you truly desire? And what are you doing consistently that doesn’t support this manifestation? These are tough questions, but by simply being aware, you already take the necessary steps to bring power back to yourself.

All you need is within you. The way isn’t paved by external validation, substances, outside influences, or material achievements. You are a free and sovereign being. When distractions are eliminated and when you attune to the frequencies beyond what the ego perceives, all that remains is pure and divine Love. And that Love activation resides within, and is magnetized by harnessing your personal power.

Pave the way through devotion to your dharma. Remember why you’re here. Embody that radiance and expand it for the world. We need it. 

Mandi GarrisonComment