Waiting rushes time,
Grasping is a hopeless fight.
So I release, and watch.
The days past, the clock ticking,
The silence, the opening.
Sparks of inspiration
That fire and fizzle.
Exploration and shadow
Thriving in the space.
Serenity my anchor.
Motivation a fickle lover.

We know the answers,
And yet we fight them.
We feel the pull,
And yet we deny it.
It’s an endless loop.
Love or dharma
Love AND dharma
Everything desired comes easily.
But it’s all superficial, a game...
The real truth behind everything
Is the one truth I cannot grasp.

This is not about distraction.
This is not about tests.
Or so I hope...
This is about dreams,
The moments of knowing,
When it all comes back.
What never left.
A part of me.
A part of you.
The game, the promises,
Our choices.

Mandi GarrisonComment