The wisdom in surrendering


There is as much wisdom in stillness as in movement, in harmony as in change, in retreat as in expansion.

When things become unclear, when the heart becomes diverted, when the ego is unsatisfied — the answer, more often than not, is to regain a sense of balance. To make small adjustments and intuitively guided calibrations. To honor the physical body, the vessel, and expand from a place of stability. To bring a deeper level of devotion to your choices and trust the process. To release from distraction and retreat into space of self-healing and inquiry.

Upheaval and change may be tempting — a short-term solution to what seems like a long and deeply imbedded lesson, and necessary in some cases. But devotion and a commitment to harmonizing your choices and path will allow expansion from a place of trust. And TRUST is how the seeker becomes the sage. DEVOTION is how the magician becomes the alchemist. HARMONY is how the teacher becomes a pillar.

The harmony of nature teaches us how to evolve and gain wisdom by surrendering to the cycle. We can fight the process. Or we can trust and gain wisdom from it with eyes and heart fully open and aware.

Mandi GarrisonComment