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Cultivating exquisite balance

The theme of relationship and balance keeps resonating this month. I recently stumbled upon a blog post that discussed the solar plexus connection between twin flame relationships. According to this writer, twin flames share the same masculine/solar/manifestation energy. If one twin is in a creation and manifestation phase, the other twin will be in a dormant, receptive phase. The twin who is not utilizing the masculine solar plexus energy will sometimes feel helpless in their ability to change their situation or create a new one. Oftentimes the energies will shift back and forth between the two. Ideally, there should be a balance in the use of energy, but this doesn't happen unless there is acknowledgement of the connection.

This seemed depressing to me, but then I thought about how our entire lives are a constant journey to find and achieve balance. In work, we may go through periods of intense stress and busy-ness followed by periods of stagnancy. In relationships, if we find one person who fulfills so many of our intimate needs, we may spend less time on other relationships. If there are certain aspects of our lives that seem lacking, we may seek out people who fill those gaps with their personalities or lifestyles. Oftentimes, things naturally fall into balance without us even noticing or realizing, because the Universe operates in this way.

There are also many ways that the pendulum can swing into extremes. We have equally as much wealth, power, and entitlement in this world as we have poverty and suffering. There are extremes of people seeking salvation as there are people seeking distraction from anything that allows them to feel. We have enough food to feed the entire planet, but the power (and our willingness to give that power away) to control is too strong. Eventually the pendulum will swing in the other direction, but the transition will be messy. The ideal in all situations is to find that exquisite balance -- the neutral point where the pendulum ceases to exist.

The simple acknowledgement and understanding that things will find a way to balance is enough to create your reality. If you knew that you were balancing your power center with a twin flame, would you want to utilize all of that power for yourself? Or would you want both of you to succeed? If we disagree with someone, do we want to destroy them and take them down, or do we simply want to make sure all voices are heard? It is possible to be completely empowered in your own being-ness and purpose and still allow others to achieve the same -- even if they are different.

The need to control or give away power is just a distraction. It's an unconscious behavior that keeps us in a loop of disconnection. Real balance comes with understanding, self-love, love of others, and the desire and ability to serve and share your gifts. If we ignore the pendulum, the distractions and the noise, they will cease to exist.