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Hacking the Matrix

I’ve tried the routine thing. It’s a natural human behavior. Oh, I like this... this worked in my schedule... this gave me good results — therefore I should make it a routine. Wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, drive the same route, practice the same daily behaviors, eat dinner at the same time, zone out before bed. Sometimes I can flow with some semblance of structure, but my spirit is saying 😱🤬🤯😩🤪

Other times (okay a lot of the time) I like to hack the matrix and do something completely different, reprogramming my brain to embrace (rather than fear) change. (That and it’s just more enjoyable.) Dance party first thing in the morning, reaching out to someone I haven’t talked to in five years, a cold shower, creating mandalas in nature, wearing a dress to clean the house, eating takeout at a mountaintop by sunset, creating a blanket fort, buying plane tickets with no plans, stargazing on the lawn pretending to study planets when I’m really looking for satellites and UFOs. 🔭 🛸 👽

If there weren’t people willing to live outside of the box, resist the norm, and question assumptions, then nothing would ever change. Let’s rewrite the norm so that living in the moment and prioritizing freedom becomes encouraged rather than ostracized. Let’s tear down the power structures that program fear and division by turning off and tuning out the voices until they no longer exist. Start to question and break down every assumption until the only right action is the one that makes you happy and maximizes your potential. Don’t be afraid to pave your own way and break the rules. —>> Make decisions out of love instead of fear.

See you on the other side. 😉