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Letting go and releasing expectations
Let go. Release. Trust.

Let go. Release. Trust.

This is not the blog post I was intending to write this weekend, but the Capricorn full moon knocked it into me. We are in the energies of the first harvest, with Lughnasadh approaching at the end of the month, and it’s time to observe the fruits of our labor. YES, this is a happy time. YES, we can celebrate the bounty we created over the growing months. As the earth grows, so do we. However, what I’m sensing in the field is an overall feeling of disappointment and anxiety that things are not exactly moving the way we want, and the days are already getting shorter.

When this happens, we tend to shift to self-doubt, blame, envy, and an overall feeling of negativity. We feel heavier and stuck in outdated routines and with a lack of energy. We project onto other people the insecurities we see in ourselves. If this is resonating for you, I invite you to stop, take a deep breath, and release those expectations for a moment. The Universe will allow your purpose to unfold in the right time, and for the highest good of all. There is no need to let yourself sink into blame.

If, on the other hand, you feel accomplished and are excited to see your own personal harvest, then YES. Take a deep breath and for a moment exhale that joy into the field. Let go into what you’ve accomplished and release into this moment of celebration.  

One of my teaching influences, Elena Brower, writes in her book Art of Attention, “Can you hold yourself, and place your attention ‘in front of’ what is currently happening instead of what has already happened?” She also quotes Jeanne de Salzmann, author of The Reality of Being, who writes, “Can I be more active, more present, more attentive to what is really happening rather than to my memories or projections?”

If you allow yourself to sit within your truth and observe what is happening, you will see that there is a powerful opportunity to take action and manifest. Blame, self-doubt, and negativity are tools Resistance uses to take you off of your path. As we approach the first harvest and the harvests to come, what actions, big or small, can you take to work towards your ultimate goal? Can you release expectations for the final outcome and simply work to achieve what you want, essentially letting go into the workings of nature and the Universe? Can you TRUST?

The Capricorn full moon is a reality check to remind us that there is still work to do. It may feel difficult and unwelcome to have a light shine on the areas where we fell behind, but if we can LET GO of the pressure and expectation to be perfect, then we can still manifest the heck out of the rest of the growing season. Let go. Release. Trust.

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