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Manifestation requires dedication

Collectively everyone gets that itch in the early spring to start accomplishing big dreams and making ideas happen. This is the perfect time for manifestation. And true manifestation requires dedication. It requires knowing where you can set limits to make space for action. 

I don't particularly like to set limits on myself. Even just that word -- limits -- sounds stifling. But I have a million limits and boundaries and so do you. For example, limiting foods that don't make us feel good allows the body to remain healthy and vibrant. When I feel good, I can accomplish 100 times more than when I feel run down and tired. I love pizza, but when I eat a lot of pizza, I don't feel great the next day. So I don't eat it every day. ;-)

Lately (actually constantly) I have been thinking about how much time is focused on social media and online networking. Limiting screen time or creating boundaries on social media usage creates more time for other things. I also notice that I feel better when I'm not thinking about social media. Confidence improves, and I can focus on manifesting the important tasks at hand. This takes dedication, because our entire social fabric revolves around online networking, but when you give it decreased value, it starts to have less of a tug on your time and space.

Self-care is a big one. We think about self-care as a luxury we can afford when time allows. I invite you to think about prioritizing your self-care first and scheduling everything else around it. Find a day on your calendar that has some flexibility. Block if off, and don't let anything else get in the way. That's your time, and you deserve it. I love to teach yoga, but I know I have a limit on how many classes I can teach per day and at what times. It is my duty to honor that so I can be present for my students. My work and classes are better because I make sure to honor those boundaries. 

What limits and boundaries can you bring into your life to help you achieve your goals? Are you giving attention to things that don't make you happy? What can you do to create a different outlook or more space to find that sense of joy? Springtime is all about new birth, growth, and dedication. Become dedicated to yourself.