We always ask,
What do you want?
What’s stopping you?
But the real question is,
Can you handle what you want?
Are you willing to invite change,
or are you satisfied with wanting?
Does longing make life less boring?
Do you want things to feel out of reach?
Does it fuel your day?
Have the daydreams become addictive?
Do you wait for the “hit” of possibility
to get your cortisol rush?
What have you boxed inside
under the guise of obligation?
What have you pushed away,
gambling with the possibility
that it may never come back?
The hardest questions are those
that get to the truth.
So can you handle what you want?
Can your nervous system accept joy?
Can your heart accept love?
Can your mind accept change?
Can your ego accept the possibility
that maybe everything you’ve ever wanted
has been in front of you all along?