The Precipice


On the precipice of life, there is a stirring.
If you put your ears to the ground, you can hear it.
If you put your hands to your heart, you can feel it.
Earth is awakening.
Solar streams with creative inspiration,
Painting over hardened soul.
Love’s symphony pulsing through the ground,
Growing in the light.
Eyes opening like wings ready for flight.
Arms reach out, creaking tree branches towards father’s warmth.
And with the power of sun’s life-giving rays,
The wind sweeps through,
Clearing old stories, carrying the seeds,
Positioning clouds with spring’s nourishing rain.
Reminding the cosmos that life (Love) blooms with things unseen, but felt.
And although this invisible force cannot be tamed or grasped,
She will always move towards truth.
Towards growth.
Towards life.

Mandi GarrisonComment