Discover your innate healing abilities with Reiki


I believe many of us are here on this planet, at this time, to be a healer in one way or another. In my life, I have encountered and maintained relationships with so many people who chose the path of a healer in different ways -- whether it is through holistic methods, healing through the senses, healing with food, healing with physical fitness, healing through art or music, healing animals and pets, healing the planet, healing by supporting others on their path -- I could go on and on. I see Reiki as a gateway, or a tool, to introduce and/or expand healing abilities that exist innately in all of us. If you work or interact with people, animals, plants -- or if you want to use this healing energy for yourself -- then Reiki will enhance and support you in beautiful ways. This practice, this gift, is for everyone.

Some part of me always knew that hands could heal. Even as a kid, I used to imagine sending energy from my heart and through my hands. As an adult, becoming Reiki-attuned seemed like the natural path, and the path of the healer has resonated ever since. Everything I do is enhanced by Reiki. I use Reiki for myself. I offer intuitive one-on-one healing sessions. I incorporate Reiki into my yoga teaching and practice. I offer healing to my family and pets. I Reiki my food before I eat it, my teaching materials before I use them, the products I use on my body, the bed I sleep in, the crystals I use, and so much more. I have studied and explored many Reiki and other healing traditions as a result of my first attunement.

The next natural thing on this journey of life is to align my love for teaching with my love for healing. I would be honored to be a teacher and guide for you if you are called to this path of healing -- whether it is to heal others or heal yourself. 

Reiki I is the first step of an important and meaningful journey that I hope you will take with me. The training and attunement is being held on May 19 at Central Mass Yoga And Wellness. In this training, I will teach you the basics and beyond. You will learn about subtle energy, the chakra system, what it means to be a healer, how Reiki works, how you can use it, meditations to connect you with Source energy, and so much more utilizing my unique approach and background. You will receive a Reiki I certificate, an attunement to open you up to Reiki energy, and a manual for your practice. Reiki I will also prepare you for the energy of Reiki II, which takes place on June 16.

Embarking on this path will change your life. It will change how you see and interact with the world. If this is something you're open to, then learn more at or contact me for more information.