Ritual ideas for Lughnasadh or Lammas

Last night I hosted a Lughnasadh workshop at Central Mass Yoga & Wellness and provided an overview of the meaning and background of Lughnasadh (the official first harvest), as well as common rituals and traditions. For more information about Lughnasadh, known as Lammas in Anglo-Saxon cultures, visit my Wheel of the Year page.

Following up with this class and practice, I wanted to provide the wider community some ideas and ways to create your own ritual to celebrate this important Celtic holiday. Lughnasadh provides such an important window of culmination, space for gratitude, and an opportunity to focus on how you plan to use this remaining time of light. The holiday is officially today (August 1), but you can celebrate until the full moon on August 7. 

For your personal yoga practice, I highly recommend yoga poses and movements that help cultivate your intuition. Try some dynamic movements in a seated position or in cat/cow with your eyes closed and just feel where Prana takes you. Try a mountain pose with your eyes closed and feel how your body's rhythm creates subtle waves of movement. Take longer pauses in between your yoga postures to feel the effects of energy moving through your body. Now that we are turning to the western side of the Wheel of the Year, it is a wonderful time to work with the third eye and the gifts of knowledge and seeing. 

Some other ritual ideas include:

  • Lammas Dolly: Crafting a doll, wheel, wreath, or some other shape out of wheat, grass, weeds, etc., to save or display for the next six months as a symbol of your personal harvest.
  • Baking: This is very traditional way to use your harvest to create something new, symbolizing rebirth and new life.
  • Hillwalking: A Celtic spiritual practice of solitary walking outside in nature (doesn't have to be on a hill).
  • Feasting: Gathering friends and family to enjoy the edible fruits of your harvest.
  • Picnic: Packing a meal to enjoy outside in nature.
  • Gratitude: Journaling, meditating, and reflecting on the things in your life you've created or received.
  • Philanthropy: Giving back to others via a service, donation, or your time.

I've also crafted some journal prompts to help you reflect and remember all that you've accomplished.

  • What is one thing (big or small) you can do to accomplish your wishes or goals?
  • Name one accomplishment from the past six months for which you are grateful.
  • Name one major accomplishment in your life for which you are grateful.
  • What is one way you can give back to those less fortunate?
  • What is one way you can celebrate your personal harvest?
  • What is one gift you can give yourself?
  • Name one way you can cultivate your intuition in the next six months.

Celebrate and honor all that you've cultivated this year, and weed out or let go that which doesn't help you achieve your ultimate goals. Feel free to tag me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let me know how you are honoring yourself and Lughnasadh. 

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Mandi Garrison