Venus body butter for Goddess luxury

Venus body butter for Goddess luxury


Venus has stationed direct again, which inspired me to make this luscious and feminine body butter. This creamy and buttery lotion will invoke all Venusian qualities: beauty, friendships, attraction, love, luxury, and sensuality. It contains therapeutic-grade ylang ylang, geranium, cardamom, and roman chamomile essential oils with organic coconut oil, organic ghee, organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, and organic beeswax. The essential oils combine to create a feminine and seductive scent with natural calming and aphrodisiac qualities. I infused this body butter with mookaite jasper and clear quartz for youthful Goddess energy.

To use: massage a small amount all over skin for a daily self-massage treatment, or apply a small amount to dry areas for an immediate moisturizing effect.

For one 2 oz jar. All shop items are Reiki-charged and cleansed with white sage.

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