The Light Warrior Mala

The Light Warrior Mala


What does it mean to be a warrior of light? Perhaps it is as simple as knowing that light is a vibration of divine energy. With light, it is possible for us to see. Without light, everything would be dark. To be a light warrior, you are offering the tools and vibrations to channel the light of Source — a pure healing vibration that always works for the highest good of all.

This mala was crafted with a blend of mixed tiger’s eye to work with all of the chakras in a very grounded and empowered way. Tiger’s eye is the gemstone of the warrior, keeping you rooted in your mission for the highest good of self and others. I used a large piece of wire-wrapped selenite as a channel for light energy — and the combination will take your breath away.

The Light Warrior Mala contains the traditional 108 beads to support meditation practices, and also works as a beautiful necklace to wear and soak up the gemstone vibes. All shop items are Reiki-charged and cleansed with white sage.

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