The Intuitive Mala

The Intuitive Mala


The moon has always been revered as a symbol of intuition and feminine wisdom. She reminds us of the natural cycles that exist throughout the universe, and her influence on the element of water helps us tap into a flow that remains unseen but felt.

This mala is crafted with amethyst beads to enhance the wisdom and knowing of the third eye. The triple moon agate pendant was chosen to symbolize the cycles we both know and feel — intuitively. This will help you tap into your intuitive gifts and call upon the currents of the moon to help you embody them.

The Intuitive Mala contains the traditional 108 beads to support meditation practices, and also works as a beautiful necklace to wear and soak up the gemstone vibes. All shop items are Reiki-charged and cleansed with white sage.

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