Sacred Earth essential oil blend for deep grounding

Sacred Earth essential oil blend for deep grounding


Everything about the energy lately indicates a need for deep grounding and connection with earth, which is why I created this potent blend.

Myrrh, frankincense, douglas fir, white fir, and roman chamomile essential oils are combined with red clover flower, white sage, and fir needles to create a blend reminiscent of the winter forest. This oil will activate the Earth Star chakra (located about 6-12 inches below the feet), which connects us to the rooting powers of Gaia, the elements, and our essential nature. The scent is woodsy and calming, and appropriate for any gender. As with all my blends, I included a Reiki-charged and programmed clear quartz chip to seal the intention.

When anointing with this oil, visualize your energy field connecting deeply into the core of the earth, like roots of a tree. Allow these energies to bring steadiness, understanding, and a release from fear and anxiety.

All shop items are Reiki-charged and cleansed with white sage.

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