Emerald tumbled stone to revive your passions

Emerald tumbled stone to revive your passions


Emerald is one of my favorite stones for physical and emotional healing. It’s wonderful medicine for any stress, sadness, or insecurity related to the heart chakra. It helps strengthen existing love relationships, overcome rejection and heartbreak, regain self-confidence, and some have even used it to call back lost love. If you feel like you’re yearning for more genuine love in your love, use this crystal to connect to your spirit guides and loved ones, and feel the immense amount of unconditional LOVE that always surrounds you.

I personally love emerald for auric healing, because it offers a hopeful and nourishing energy to depleted energy fields. This is also my absolute favorite crystal to support liver health and rejuvenation (and let’s face it, we all need this).

Each tumbled stone is about 1-2” and arrives cleansed and Reiki-charged.

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