Confidence and creativity kit

Confidence and creativity kit


The lion spirit animal embodies confidence and presence, and these are the qualities invoked by this kit. EVERYONE, at some point or another, struggles with confidence and self-esteem. We struggle to find our voice, to embody our true presence, and to navigate the harsh realities of quick judgements and first impressions exacerbated by a fast-paced technical culture. This kit is designed to help soften those fears and feel more awakened and confident.

The essential oil blend is crafted from 100% pure therapeutic CPTG essential oils of grapefruit, wild orange, bergamot, and fractionated coconut. It is also infused with red clover blossom, which, in addition to its health benefits, has numerous magickal benefits for attracting abundance and fortune. It also supports and enhances the health of your heart chakra. I include Reiki-charged clear quartz chipstones in every bottle to enhance the energy and vibration.

Also included are three gemstones to enhance your creative gifts. They are honey opal to stimulate your imagination and intuition, pink agate to invoke the energies of the muse, and iolite to help you uncover wisdom towards the destination of your creative and spiritual pursuits. Iolite is a very valuable and highly sought-after crystal that helps you be in flow and transcend the energies of fear and doubt. It is often called the Viking’s Compass, because of its use by Nordic seafarers to navigate using the sun’s light, but also because it serves as a magical bridge between realms — helping you journey with ease.

This listing is for one 10mL roll-on bottle of the oil blend, three gemstones, and a medicine bag to carry your crystals. All shop items are Reiki-charged and cleansed with white sage.

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