Your growth is a priority


It’s not selfish to focus on yourself. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary. We’re conditioned to believe that our worth is determined by our ability and capacity to meet everyone else’s needs at all times. But you can devotionally meet your call for service and attend to yourself at the same time.

Lately I’ve been in this energy of inner awakening — knowing something is shifting but not sure what or how. And I know that many of you have been feeling the same thing.

This space is incredibly frustrating for an impatient Gemini, especially since I’m usually clear about my wants and how to attain them. The lack of motivation has me questioning everything. Am I doing the right thing? What should I be focusing on? Where are the signs? What am I creating space for? There seems to be a powerful force field separating me from the computer, and I keep gazing at this pool of untapped potential saying, “not today.”

Early this morning, feeling fed up, I opened my journal and prepared to make a list of priorities, assessing where I need to make space and what my focus should be. But before I even had a chance to hold the pen, that familiar internal voice chimed in, loudly, “Your spiritual growth is a priority.”

And then again.

“Prioritize your growth. Everything else will fall into place.”

I know the message was for me, but I think everyone else needs to hear it. If you’re being called to pause, if you feel unmotivated, if you want to take time for yourself — then please, take time for yourself. If something is shifting, growing, changing, transforming — that energy needs your attention and love. Your growth IS a priority, because it is the exact process that prepares you for bigger things, for serving others, for fulfilling your dharma.

The lows arrive to prepare you for the highs. You simply can’t receive the expanded energy for next level stuff unless you’ve created the space and emotional fortitude necessary to do so. Honor your word, your commitments and responsibilities, but take the rest of the time to focus on yourself, even if it’s sitting on the couch for a while to process your thoughts. Your growth doesn’t have a to-do list. 💙

Mandi GarrisonComment